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How To Configure Email?

This email setting is required for system to send email properly when certain events occurred: reseller/customer registration, product order, payment confirmation, etc.

You can use any email account that allows you to send mail through SMTP like your own email address from your company or from any free email services (eg. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc). 

To start configure your email, login to your reseller account and go to Configuration - Email menu. Email configuration is pretty similar to any email reader software like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. 



If you're using Gmail or Google Apps for your domain, please refer to following settings:

Username: someone@gmail.com or someone@yourdomain.com
Password: your Gmail/Google App's password
SSL: Enable
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 465

Should you experience any problem, please create a ticket and our staff will gladly help.

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